My professional journey is a lot like your retirement journey. A mountain climb!

For years, I accumulated knowledge from many different perspectives with the idea that when I finally hit that pinnacle of the mountain I would be well prepared to distribute quality advice that could be accounted for mathematically and not rely on hypothetical market illustrations. My goal was and remains to provide advice with confidence based on fact not fiction.

My professional path has been very unique. I was a very early adopter and pioneer in what today is known as income planning. Income planning is simply the mathematical sequencing of accounts to create a predictable income expected to be significantly greater than the current prevailing interest rates available. With the added benefit of providing income guaranteed for life. I evolved that model and today consider myself to be on the forefront and the leading expert in tax and actuarial arbitrage. Today, what I can do is help people and business owners profit from the difference between the way their money is treated for tax purposes. Actuarially, I help them realize profits by reversing the traditional use of certain insurance contracts creating high guaranteed rates of return for my clients resulting in a much greater retirement income.

With a unique practice model and a level of notoriety in the industry my firm was acquired by a publically traded company National Financial Partners (NYSE Symbol: NFP) for stock and cash valued at over $1,000,000 when I was 29 years old. In 2008, when the market tanked I purchased my firm back from NFP and remain independent to this day.

I've also been hired to train financial advisors by some of the largest insurance distribution companies in the country. These firms produce three to five billion dollars of annuity and equivalent life insurance sales per year.

I've authored three financial planning books:

Spend It Twice, A Retirees Guide To Free Money

This book is about getting money to the people in our lives that matter. Could be our spouse, our kids or even a charity whichever matters most to you. What it is not is a recycled financial book saying the same old stuff. This is straightforward no-nonsense advice that will work in any financial climate. In Spend-It-Twice, A retirees Guide to Free Money, Matt Zagula will show you how to create wealth for your family, create income for your surviving spouse, and how to protect yourself from the financial devastation long-term care can unleash upon you without touching any of your retirement income or retirement savings.

Invasion of the Money Snatchers

Knowledge is Power, So arm yourself and prepare for battle! Here is what you must know now! How to avoid paying nasty hidden medical taxes that you didn't have to pay. How gifts to your children can be hazardous to your health, and your wealth. Stress test your money so you can enjoy a stress free retirement. How to protect your home from future government liens.

SMART Retirement

In this book, Matt does not discuss the same old recycled financial planning ideas. Instead, he teaches you strategies similar to those being used by top executives and the wealthy elite so that more Americans can benefit from the same SMART retirement planning techniques.

The tax code is clear: you are legally obligated to pay tax only once on the dollars you have. This book will make you and your money SMART so you can spend less on taxes and have more for you!

Today, I am focused on helping pre-retirees and those in retirement get more. More income, more financial freedom and more peace of mind knowing their plans are built on a solid foundation using the two most powerful economic cornerstones available today. You can get all the details in SMART Retirement.

Oh, if you are a financial advisor, CPA or multi-disciplinary attorney then you are welcome to obtain a copy of our book, as well. The more advisors, CPAs and attorneys who learn and adopt these strategies in their practice the more income we can put into the hands of hardworking American retirees.


I do the work that I do because I believe today more than at any time in the history of our country the words high rates and guarantees really matter! People in retirement and working towards a retirement must achieve higher distribution rates to live comfortably and in an uncertain world the word some level of guarantee is comforting and reassuring.

I do what I do because the world has changed dramatically and these changes have a significant effect on people's money and Wall Street firms and big banks profit from the traditional planning techniques that have repeatedly failed. Our mission is to put you on a path to greater and more tax efficient retirement income.

We pledge to work tirelessly for you to help you get more from your money because we know how hard you worked for your money. Now let us do the work for you and make your money work as hard for you as it safely can.