We offer innovative training for professionals who truly care about their clients' financial well-being and welcome their fiduciary responsibility to their financial best interest. Our industry is filled with way too many “good stories." Stories aren't value and what our clients deserve is exceptional value and exceptional service. Our "where’s the beef" approach to delivering true value can dramatically impact your clients who have placed their financial care and trust in you.

You must start by reading a copy of SMART Retirement. This is the backbone of how we train professionals to deliver exceptional results to their clients by delivering more retirement income, more value to their family through progressive estate planning, more tax advantages or combinations of all three.

Please do not contact me without first reading my book. It is imperative that you understand the concepts that drive the two economic powers approach and why common “safe money strategies” today offer sub-par results to your clients. These "cookie cutter", product driven sales concepts fail either on the retirement income the products you've selected provide to your clients or the dramatic loss of principal to their families after they die. You don't have to give up one to achieve the other - it's just a matter of getting the right education.

Know upfront and now - this is NOT an annuity (FIA) or Indexed Universal Life (IUL) packaged solution. This is how to efficiently allocate your client's retirement based capital in a variety of products that work synergistically to help them achieve MORE … and they deserve that from you!

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